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Remote Support Desktop Sharing

Desktop sharing is a general name for technological tools and products that allow remote access and even remote collaboration on a customer’s computer desktop through a graphical terminal emulator.

Remote log-in and real-time collaboration are the most common scenarios that make use of desktop sharing. Remote log-in is a way for users to connect to their own desktop while being far away from their computers.

Operating systems that support the X Window System, usually and typically Unix-based ones, have the remote log-in option built-in. Windows OS versions from Windows 2000 and beyond also have built-in solutions for remote access too. Microsoft’s NetMeeting was the former tool used until it was replaced by the newer Remote Desktop Protocol.

VNC is an open source software that provides remote log-in access to users across different platforms. Remote desktop sharing is provided to users through a single common client/server model by the software. The client, also known as the VNC viewer, is installed on a local computer and is connected to the whole network through a server component that is installed on a remote computer. In a regular VNC session, all the users’ keystrokes together with all their mouse clicks are recorded as if the clients themselves were actually performing the tasks on the end-user computer. The downside of the aforementioned solutions, however, is their inability to function outside of a single network address translation (NAT) environment.


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There are several commercial products that have found a way around this restriction by channeling the traffic through common rendezvous servers. Real-time collaboration, on the other hand, is one of the bigger areas of desktop sharing use, and has recently gained momentum due to its importance in multimedia communications.

The desktop sharing tool, when used together with other multimedia communications components like audio and video, creates the notion of virtual space where users can meet, socialize, and work on tasks together. When done on a larger scale, the area is referred to by most users as web conferencing.


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