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A web site is a collection of related webpages, including multi-media content, usually identified with a common domain name, and published on a minumum of one web server. A website might be available through a public Internet Protocol network, like the Internet, or private local area network, by imitating a uniform resource locator that identifies the site. Websites may have many functions and may be utilized in various fashions, an internet site can be a personal web site, a commercial web site for a business, a government web site or a nonprofit organization website. Websites are usually devoted to a certain topic or purpose, which range from entertainment and social networking to supplying information and education.

All publicly available websites jointly constitute the World Wide Web, whereas private web sites, like a company’s web site for its workers, are usually a portion of an intranet. Webpages, that are the building blocks of web sites, are documents, usually composed in plain text interspersed with formatting instructions from Hypertext Markup Language. They can incorporate elements from other web sites with suitable markup anchors. Webpages are obtained and transported with the Hypertext Transport Protocol, which might optionally apply encryption to provide privacy and security for the user. The consumer’s application, frequently an internet browser, leaves the page content based on its HTML markup directions on a display terminal.

Hyperlinking between webpages conveys to the reader the website structure and guide the navigation of the website, which frequently begins with a home page containing a directory of the website web content. Some web sites requires registration of the user or subscription to get content. Samples of subscription websites consist of many business sites, news web sites, academic journal web sites, gaming web sites, document sharing web sites, discussion boards, internet based e-mail, social networking web sites, websites supplying real time stock exchange information, in addition to sites providing various other services. As of 2017, end users may access web sites on a wide variety of devices, including desktops and laptop computers, tablet computers, mobile phones and smart TVs.



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