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Software Rescue / Maintenance

Software care in software technology is the modification of a software product after delivery to correct errors, to improve performance or others characteristics. A common perception of care is the fact it only involves fixing flaws. But, one study suggested that over 80 percent of care effort is utilized for non corrective actions. This perception is perpetuated by users who submit reports of problems that they really are performance improvements to the system. More latest studies put the bug fixing ratio closer to 21 percent. The vital software maintenance issues are managerial and technical. Key management issues are: Dealing with client priorities, staffing, which organization does upkeep, estimating costs.

Key technical issues include: limited understanding, influence analysis, testing, maintainability measurement. Software maintenance is a really broad activity which includes error correction, improvements of capacities, deletion of obsolete skills, and optimization. Since change is unavoidable, mechanisms have to be developed for analysis, controlling and making alterations. Therefore any work done to change the software after it’s in operation is regarded as care work. The purpose is to retain the value of applications over the time. The value can be improved by expanding the consumer foundation, meeting additional requirements, becoming simpler to use, much more efficient and employing newer technology. Care may length for 20 years, whereas development might be 1-2 years.



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