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Bachelor of Accountancy

The degree of Bachelor of Accountancy, also known as Bachelor of Accounting, is the principal educational degree in accountancy in many nations, and is usually the only degree identified for subsequent exercise as a pro accountant. The program also contains advanced coursework in operation law and economics, and general coverage of administration theory, and business arithmetic and -data. The degree is hence not to be confused with B.B.A. In Accounting, that are general business levels with accounting as a place of concentration, for dialogue, see Business education Undergraduate education. It’s a pro degree course that very few colleges really provide.

In the US, it’s likely to be a 4 year undergraduate education degree. In other areas of the world, like Singapore, it may be a 3 year undergraduate education degree course as well. In Malta, it’s a 2 year course that may be taken after qualifying in Bachelor of Commerce only for pupils who obtain exemplary levels in their previous course. Most public colleges in South Africa provide the degree or a version, frequently as a postgraduate Honors degree. When the degree is acknowledged for this purpose, students may consequently follow the CPA or C.A. Note that in the US, a bachelor’s degree in accountancy is usually not enough to practice as a pro accountant.



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