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IT Electronic Data Processing

Electronic Data Processing may refer to the usage of automated approaches to process commercial data. Normally, this utilizes relatively simple, repetitive activities to process massive volumes of similar information. For instance: stock upgrades applied to inventory, banking transactions employed to account and client master files, reservation and ticketing transactions to an airline reservation system, charging for utility services. The modifier electronic or automatic was used with data processing, especially c. 1960, to differentiate human clerical data processing from that done by computer. As with some other industrial processes industrial IT has moved in the majority of cases from a custom arrangement, craft based business where the item was tailored to match the consumer, to multi usage elements taken off the shelf to find the best fit in virtually any situation.

Mass production has significantly reduced costs and IT is accessible to the smallest organization. Today, Intel Pentium and compatible chips are regular and also become portions of other components that are combined as needed. One person change of note was the freeing of computers and removable storage out of protected, air filtered environments. Software is available off the shelf: apart from products like Ms Office and IBM Lotus, there are also specialist packages for payroll and personnel management, account maintenance and client management, just to name a few. These are extremely specialised and intricate components of larger environments, however they rely upon common conventions and ports.

Data storage has also standardized. Relational databases are developed by different providers for common formats and conventions. Common file formats may be shared by large main frames and desk top computers, allowing on-line, real time input and validation. In parallel, applications development has fragmented. You may still find specialist technicians, but these increasingly utilize standardized methodologies where results are predictable and accessible. In the other end of the scale, any office supervisor can innovate in spreadsheets or databases and also obtain acceptable results. Specialized software is software that’s written for a particular task rather for a wide application area. These programs provide amenities especially for the purposes for which they were designed.



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