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Remote Desktop Virtualization

Remote desktop virtualization implementations function in a client/server computing environment. Application execution is performed on the remote OS that communicates with the local client device over a network with a remote display protocol whereby the user interacts with the applications. All applications and information used remain on the remote system with only display, keyboard, and mouse information carried with a local client device, which might be a conventional PC/laptop, a thin client device, a tablet, or a smartphone. A common implementation of the method entails hosting multiple desktop OS instances on a server hardware platform operating a hypervisor. This really is derivative of the earlier Multiwin Engine developed by Citrix under license from Microsoft.

Its latest iteration is usually referred to as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI. The seven most important software providers, being Citrix, Dell, LISTEQ, Microsoft, Nimboxx, Oracle, and VMware. It’s also utilized as a way of providing access to Windows applications on non Windows endpoints. Remote desktop virtualization may also provide a way of resource sharing, to distribute cost effective desktop computing solutions in environments where supplying each user with a dedicated desktop Personal Computer is either too costly or otherwise unnecessary. For IT administrators, this usually means a centralized, efficient customer environment that’s simpler to keep and equipped to respond more rapidly to the shifting needs of the consumer and business.



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