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Software Rescue/Maintenance Process

This section describes the six applications maintenance procedures as: 1. The implementation process contains applications preparation and transition actions, like the design and creation of the maintenance plan, the preparation for handling problems identified during development, and the follow-up on product configuration management. The problem and modification evaluation process, which is implemented once the application became the liability of the maintenance team. The maintenance developer must analyze each request, confirm it and assess its validity, investigate it and suggest a solution, document the request and the solution proposal, and lastly, acquire all the necessary authorizations to use the modifications. The process considering the implementation of the modification itself.

The process acceptance of the modification, by confirming the modified work with the person who filed the request so as to make certain the modification supplied a solution. The migration method is exceptional, and isn’t part of everyday maintenance tasks. In case the computer software has to be ported to another platform without any changes in functionality, this process will be utilized and a maintenance project team is likely to be assigned to the task. Lastly, the last maintenance process, additionally an event that doesn’t occur on a regular base, is the retirement of a piece of software. There are a variety of procedures, activities and practices which are distinctive to maintainers, for instance! : a controlled and coordinated chain of tasks during that the system is transferred progressively from the developer to the maintainer. Service Level Agreements and technical maintenance contracts negotiated by maintainers. Change Request and Problem Report Help Desk: a problem handling process utilized by maintainers to prioritize, document and route the requests they receive.



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