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Remote Service Software

Remote service software is utilized by equipment manufacturers to remotely monitor, access and repair products in use at client sites. It is a safe, auditable gateway for service teams to troubleshoot issues, perform proactive care, and help with user operations and monitor functionality. This technology is usually implemented in mission critical environments such as hospitals or IT information centres – where equipment downtime is intolerable. Remote service software can help to increase uptime, enhance performance and extend the life of the device. Remote service software can help to control service costs by deploying patches and upgrades remotely, and guarantee a first time fix when a site visit is needed.

Remote service software can help to streamline administration of pay-per use models, with automated utilization monitoring. Remote Assistance Software Helps to concentrate extremely trained service teams on preventive care, by assessing and troubleshooting problems before they cause a system failure. Remote service software can help to increase client satisfaction and loyalty. Manufacturers are using aftermarket service a competitive differentiator. Remote service software provides a platform for producers to provide and to meet stringent service level agreements without increasing the size of their service staff. Remote monitoring of devices in use allows service teams to discover possible problems before they escalate, degrade performance or cause a system failure.

This early warning system is an integral part to issue avoidance and capability to meet more rigorous key performance indicator in SLAs. Once an issue is discovered, service professionals may use remote service technologies gateways to push the patches or solve issues. Safe access is a core consideration of remote service. Solutions must comply with compliance guidelines and guard the remote relationship between the manufacturer and the consumer – making sure no information was stolen and no outsiders were granted access. Compliance regulations require companies to keep track of who does what on their network. Auditors need forensic logs to follow the steps of each interaction that a remote service tech has with each device.



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