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Software Rescue/Maintenance Planning

Software maintenance is the totality of actions needed to provide cost-effective
support to your software system. Tasks are performed throughout the pre-delivery phase as well as the post-delivery phase. Pre-delivery actions include planning for post-delivery
operations, supportability, and logistics determination. Post-delivery activities include
applications modification, training, and running a help desk.

A essential part of software is the maintenance one, that demands an accurate upkeep plan to be ready throughout the software development. It must define how users will ask adjustments or report issues. The paying spending budget must include cost and resource estimates. A brand new decision should be addressed to the developing of every new system attribute and its quality objectives. The software maintenance, which can last for five–6 years (or decades) following the development process, calls to an efficient plan which can address the reach of software maintenance, the tailoring of the article delivery/deployment procedure, the designation of who will provide upkeep, and a quote of the life-cycle costs. The selection of proper enforcement of standards is the hard task right from early phase of software engineering that hasn’t gained definite significance by the concerned stakeholders.



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