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Customer Support Automation

Automation of support organizations aim to achieve, for instance, lower mean time to repair.

Customer service automation requires the building of a knowledge base of known issues and their resolution to support incidents with delivery mechanics, frequently by specialist systems. A service automation platform includes a suite of service solutions including proactive service, assisted service and self-support.

With automated service, service organizations may make their services accessible to their customers twenty-four hours per day and seven days a week, by monitoring alerts, identifying problems at an early phase and resolving issues before they become problems. Automated assisted service enables remote access to sites that require immediate problem solving. By automating the collection of information of devices and applications combined with the supported application, problems can be rapidly discovered and fixed.

Automated self-support, automates the self-support process, preventing users from self-help diagnostics and troubleshooting from online libraries or knowledge bases. Support automation solutions could be integrated with client relationship management systems and network management systems, and supply full client reports to management tallying problems and events which were solved automatically ensuring compliance to industry regulations.


Proactive Support Automation

  • Proactive Support Automation identifies to support automation solutions that decrease downtime and enable 24×7 availability. This is accomplished by constant health check tracking with diagnostic procedures to allow difficulty monitoring and problem solving.

Preemptive Support Automation

  • Preemptive Support Automation refers to some service solution that utilizes info that is either generated or data from an application or service, e.g. log files, database questions, configuration changes, etc. This information can then be exploited to forecast support degradations or interruptions. The upshot of this is a Higher Level of service/application availability for the inherent application


Self Support Automation

  • Self Service Automation is the term organizations give to their service structures that offer online libraries and tools for self-help and easy Tracking solutions to automatically and precisely diagnose and solve problems and incidents.

Assisted Support Automation

  • Assisted Support Automation is the software that enables support personnel to remotely access their customers desktop computer or server for diagnostics and trouble ticket resolution.


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