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Categories of Technical Support

Telephone in

  • This kind of technical assistance has been extremely common in the services sector. Additionally, it is known as “Time and Materials” IT support. The consumer pays for the materials for example hard disk drive, memory, computer, digital devices, etc. The consumer also pays the tech based on the pre-negotiated rate when a problem happens.

Block hours

  • Block hours permit the customer to buy a number of hours upfront at an agreed cost. While it’s commonly used to offer you a reduced hourly rate, it might also only be a standard non-reduced rate, or represent a minimal fee charged to a customer before providing service. The assumption behind this kind of service is the consumer has purchased a fixed number of hours to use either a month or year. This allows them the pliability to use the hours as they please without doing the paperwork along with the hassle of paying multiple invoices.

Managed services

  • Managed services means a firm is going to get a list of well-defined providers on a continuing basis, with well-defined “response and resolution times” to get a fixed rate or a flat fee. This may include things such as 24/7 monitoring of servers, 24/7 help desk assistance for daily computer difficulties, and on-site visits by a technician when issues can not be solved remotely. Some companies also offer additional services such as project management, backup and disaster recovery, and vendor management in the monthly cost. Companies that offer this kind of technical assistance are all known as managed services suppliers.

Crowdsourced technical assistance

  • A lot of businesses and organizations offer discussion boards for customers of their products to interact; these forums make it possible for companies to lower their service costs without losing the advantage of consumer opinions.



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