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Remote Support File Synchronization

File synchronization is the computer process that ensures that computer files in multiple locations are always updates under certain rules.

In the process of one-way file synchronization, also typically called mirroring, updated files are copied from the original or source location to a single or several other target locations, but files are not copied from the target locations into the source location.

Two-way file synchronization is a more complex process. Updated files are copied from and to both directions, usually in order to keep the files in all locations identical and to maintain uniformity.

File syncing is usually used by home users for backing up their files using external hard drives or updating for transport using USB flash drives.

A few of the more popular products and programs for this are BitTorrent Sync, Dropbox, and SKYSITE. Through this automatic process, identical files are no longer copied again which makes for much faster processing and saves a lot of times compared to manual copying which sometimes becomes a rather arduous task for most users. This process is also less error prone compared to the manual version. This process, however, suffers from the limited storage capacities of the portable storage devices which in turn limits the size of the files to be synchronized.

There are several versions of synchronization software that only keep lists of files and the altered files that eliminate this issue. These are especially convenient for mobile users and users that tend to work on multiple computers that need synchronized files constantly. It is also possible for users to synchronize multiple devices by syncing them one pair after another.



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