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Remote Support

Remote access is the capability to get access to a pc or a network from a distant space. In companies, people in branch offices, telecommuters and individuals who’re travelling might need access to the corporation’s network. Home users get internet access via remote access to an Internet service provider. Dial-up relationship through desktop, notebook, or handheld keyboard over regular phone lines is a very common method of remote access. Remote access is also possible utilizing a dedicated line between a pc or a remote local area network and the principal or central corporate local area network. A dedicated line is significantly more costly and less flexible, but offers faster data speeds.

Integrated Services Digital Network is a very common method of remote access by branch offices since it unites dial-up with faster data speeds. Wireless, cable modem, and digital subscriber line technology offers other possibilities for remote accessibility. Remote support is an economical technology which permits a technician to service your computer from a remote location. This way, the tech doesn’t must be where the computer is located. From his location he can safely connect into your pc and watch your desktop screen as if he were sitting right there in your house or workplace. Remote support is helpful in lots of ways, especially with regards into saving time and money.

All that you need is an Internet connection. Remote support is safe and secure. The only one logging to your computer via a remote location is the tech. Remote support saves gas. It’s not necessary to push if you’re able to just connect. Remote support is convenient. You may schedule a technican to service your computer almost any time of the day, and frequently on the exact same day you call. Remote support doesn’t depend on location. You are able to live far outside our service area. You may even be on a holiday or business trip. The support is available for you whenever you need it. Remote support saves time. You do not cover fees for travel time or waste time waiting for somebody to arrive.


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